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 Enlistment - Carswell

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PostSubject: Enlistment - Carswell   Wed Jun 18, 2008 9:55 pm

I like this Template Better

*First Name: Chris
*Last Name: Carswell
*In-Game Name: Carswell
*Age/Date of Birth: 16
*Timezone: central
*Steam ID (Go into dods or INS, go to options, click keyboard, go into advanced, enable console, then go into a server, press ` its above your tab key to the left, then type in status and find your name then copy the numbers next to your name. ex. (STEAM:0:1:1110200): STEAM_0:1:12176786
Steam Account: sK_Carswell
Email: ajc_00@hotmail.com
Questions: I am godly?
Comments: I am godly

*Why do you want to join the 517th? I love Welch

*What do you want to get out of the 517th? (MP, DI, or jsut to kill people) To help Welch

*Did anyone suggest you to the 517th? If so who? Welchy

*How active are you? Very

*Will you obey all rules on the server and ventrillo? sure will

*Previous units and ranks held: too many

*How much time are you willing to dedicate to the 517th? alot

Are you a better leader or follower? Both

Do you have knowledge about tactics and strategies? Sure do

*Do you have Ventrillo? (If not, contact a member and get it) Sure do

*Do you have a working microphone? (Can not get above PFC without a mic) Sure do

How woud you describe yourself as a player? I am godly
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Enlistment - Carswell
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